Ber­lin, Free of Depor­ta­ti­ons – Soli­da­ri­ty without Bor­ders

Inter­na­tio­nal Day of Action against the Euro­pean Bor­der Regime
18.03.2017 + 12 o’clock + Air­port Schö­ne­feld

Pla­kat zur Demons­tra­ti­on

The Ber­lin-Schön­feld air­port is not only an important trans­port junc­tion of the capi­tal, but also a hub of the Euro­pean bor­der regime. Cur­r­ent­ly pla­nes are being char­te­red twice a month to deport peop­le and send them back to the Wes­tern Bal­kan coun­tries, which were decla­red as safe coun­tries of ori­gin a year ago. A mas­si­ve increa­se of depor­ta­ti­ons is loo­m­ing in the com­ing mon­ths: thousands of Afghans are to be sent back to a coun­try still rava­ged by war and shaped by war­ti­me dis­pu­tes. Ange­la Mer­kel is cal­ling for a „natio­nal effort“ for increa­sed depor­ta­ti­ons with her „16-points-plan“ and is fur­t­her plan­ning the imple­men­ta­ti­on of cen­tra­li­zed „exit cen­ters“, which are de fac­to pri­sons, near air­ports.

We oppo­se this poli­cy of iso­la­ti­on: We do not want peop­le to be trea­ted like dan­ge­rous cri­mi­nals by being arrested detai­ned by the poli­ce, torn from fami­lies and fri­ends and cor­doned off at air­ports – only to then sim­ply unload them a few hours later in one of the most dan­ge­rous pla­ces in the world. Ins­te­ad of sepa­ra­ting refu­gees along «good» and «bad» per­spec­tives of stay, cate­go­ri­zing peop­le by natio­na­li­ty, rea­son for flight, or poten­ti­al eco­no­mic uti­li­ty, we need a joint fight against racist divi­si­on! Ins­te­ad of inci­ting fear and hat­red, we need a poli­cy of soli­da­ri­ty that deman­ds the right to a good life for all!

On March 18, we will pro­test to show our visi­on of Ber­lin at Schö­ne­feld Air­port, a Ber­lin in which migra­ti­on is not a thre­at, in which «wel­co­me» is not a ques­ti­on of the poli­ti­cal cli­ma­te, but inclu­des the real pos­si­bi­li­ty to stay. A Ber­lin in which no one has to be afraid to be depor­ted the next day. We are demons­tra­ting for Ber­lin as a city of soli­da­ri­ty. For us, a city of soli­da­ri­ty also means that all peop­le have access to edu­ca­ti­on, hou­sing and health care – regard­less of their resi­dence sta­tus! In this sen­se, we call upon the new Ber­lin government, which announ­ced a «para­digm shift» with regard to the right of resi­dence and asyl­um in its coali­ti­on agree­ment, to actual­ly get this shift under way. The coali­ti­on agree­ment also sta­tes that depor­ta­ti­ons are to be repla­ced by the increa­sed sup­port of so-cal­led «sup­por­ted returns», a poli­cy which aims to crea­te incen­ti­ves for refu­gees for a so-cal­led vol­un­ta­ry lea­ve. This pro­ject is by no means a para­digm shift, but merely an attempt to white­wash an inhu­ma­ne depor­ta­ti­on prac­tice.

By pro­tes­ting at the air­port, we are also joi­ning the air­port pro­tests of the last weeks. Many peop­le gathe­red in Frank­furt and Munich to resist the depor­ta­ti­ons to Afgha­ni­stan alre­ady taking place. And in the US, thousands fought against Pre­si­dent Trump‹s impo­sed ent­ry ban for refu­gees and many mus­lims. They blo­cked the access rou­tes to ter­mi­nals, deman­ded per­mit­ted ent­ry for their fami­lies, neigh­bors and fri­ends and decla­red their cities as „Sanc­tua­ry CIties» under the slo­gan #here­tost­ay, whe­re migrants without papers are pro­tec­ted against depor­ta­ti­ons.

On March 18 we are also not alo­ne with our pro­test: The Hotel City Pla­za in Athens, which was occu­pied in 2016 and sin­ce then has ser­ved as a self-orga­nis­ed home for refu­gees and a place of anti­ra­cism and soli­da­ri­ty, cal­led for an inter­na­tio­nal day of resis­tan­ce. March 18 was selec­ted becau­se exact­ly one year ago, the EU-Tur­key agree­ment was signed – a dir­ty deal with the aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an Erdo­gan regime, which decla­red Tur­key a «safe third coun­try» for refu­gees and faci­li­ta­ted depor­ta­ti­ons and fore­clo­sure. This agree­ment is part of other alre­ady exis­ting and plan­ned deals worth bil­li­ons with dic­ta­to­ri­al sta­tes, which ensu­re that refu­gees can be sent back or stop­ped at the gates of Euro­pe. In order to pro­test against this poli­cy, today many peop­le will take to the stre­ets in dif­fe­rent Ger­man cities and in Greece, Ita­ly, Switz­er­land and Aus­tria. Toge­ther we are fighting against the bru­tal bor­der regime and for free­dom of move­ment.


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