18.03.2017: Respect

Dear com­ra­des!

We are the group named «respect»: a group of women, espe­ci­al­ly migrants from Latin Ame­ri­can coun­tries. Today, we are here to tell you that in this coun­try many women live in ille­ga­li­ty, many women who clean hou­ses and look after child­ren. Women with no resi­dence sta­tus are not inclu­ded in the sta­tis­tics. We are women who work every day but can­not go on holi­day, can­not go to a lan­guage school, can­not rent an apart­ment and who have no right to health care.

But we are here, we live among you and we con­tri­bu­te to the eco­no­my of this coun­try. Thanks to our work, many Ger­man women from the midd­le class can work while we look after their child­ren. We also care for the elder­ly, and thanks to our work, many offices and apart­ments are clean.

We are here to pro­test against depor­ta­ti­ons and depor­ta­ti­on cen­ters. And we pro­test against the cri­mi­na­li­za­ti­on of refu­gees and ille­ga­li­zed per­sons.

We want to tell you that no one is ille­gal. We say that the right to demand asyl­um is a human right, and we do not let it divi­de us. We will fight for our rights, refu­gees and migrant women toge­ther. We are here becau­se the­re is a histo­ry of colo­nia­lism, the con­se­quen­ces of which we suf­fer to this day. We are here, and will con­ti­nue to come, just as your com­pa­nies come to our coun­tries. We will not let walls and bor­ders stop us!

We are here, and fight for pre­cise­ly the human rights that Ger­ma­ny and Euro­pe so loud­ly defend and pro­pa­ga­te: the right to live in digni­ty, the right to health and the right to live in peace!

Life in ille­ga­li­ty makes you sick, living in a refu­gee camp makes you sick, and depor­ta­ti­on cen­ters make you sick!

We are cur­r­ent­ly in an alli­an­ce cal­led Soli­da­ri­ty City. Refu­gees, ille­ga­li­zed peop­le and anti­ra­cist Ger­mans have joint­ly laun­ched a cam­pai­gn: access to health care for undo­cu­men­ted peop­le and a huma­ne health care for refu­gees.

We have enough of racism and injus­ti­ce!

Stop depor­ta­ti­ons, no one is ille­gal!